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CPAC Awards more than $400,000 to Cuyahoga County Artists

2013 Creative Workforce Fellows Announced

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Twenty Cuyahoga County artists will receive $20,000 awards for their outstanding work and innovation in the field through the Creative Workforce Fellowship, a program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC). Two more artists will receive a $2,500 Seth Rosenberg Prize. CPAC’s Board of Trustees ratified the awards Friday. They based the decision on the recommendation of two five-person panels of art experts from 10 cities in 8 states outside of Ohio.  The Creative Workforce Fellowship program is made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga County residents through Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

The 2013 Fellows are: Kristen Cliffel; Andy Curlowe; Gary Dumm; Virgie Ezelle-Patton; Colleen Fraser; Brandon Juhasz; Mimi Kato; Andrea Levy; Michelangelo Lovelace; Dru McKeown; Liz Maugans; Valerie Mayén; Christine Mauersberger;; Laura Paglin; Sarah Paul; Barry Underwood; Gary Williams, Gadi Zamir; Olga Ziemska and Zena Zipporah. Chris Comella and Todd Pownell will receive a Seth Rosenberg Prize. The award, named to commemorate the life and work of late 2009 Fellow Seth Rosenberg, designates two alternate artists who would receive an award should a Fellow be unable to accept it.

“The talent of the Fellows is very impressive; many have already garnered regional and national acclaim. The Creative Workforce Fellowship is a direct investment in the creative and innovative work of professional artists who have chosen to make Cuyahoga County their home,” said Jan Culver, chair of CPAC’s Board of Trustees.

Each of the 22 awards includes a one-year membership to the COSE Arts Network and tuition to the Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (AEI).  Two five-member national panels vetted the 306 craft, design, media and visual applications. Panelists made decisions on the artists’ quality of work and narratives outlining plans for the Fellowship year including a public component (please see the2013 Creative Workforce Fellowship brochure for information on the panel review process).

Some of the artists chosen produce work that is performative and/or conceptual in nature and create work that has a connection with the built environment or the reclamation of vacant space.  CPAC acknowledges this as a positive reflection of how the program has grown in the last four years and how it is also attracting younger artists to apply and receive funding.  Many artists are finding ways independently, in their own artistic practice, to engage as community proponents or social activists around issues of universal concern. 

“When we help to develop and retain artists they produce practical and intrinsic benefits for our community. Those benefits contribute to the advancement of our knowledge- based economy, while expanding our understanding and insights of the world around us,” said Tom Schorgl, CPAC president.

About CPAC: CPAC is a nonprofit arts and culture service organization dedicated to strengthening, unifying and connecting greater Cleveland’s arts and culture sector.  Since it was founded in 1997, the organization has accomplished this through a range of programs and services.  Its core competencies include capacity building, public policy and research.  For more information, please visit

About Cuyahoga Arts & Culture: Cuyahoga Arts & Culture was approved by Cuyahoga County voters in 2006, and since 2007, CAC has invested more than $95 million dollars in more than 200 local arts and cultural organizations in Cuyahoga County. CAC’s vision for its first ten years of public funding for arts and culture is to help build stronger, more resilient arts and culture organizations, create vibrant and energetic neighborhoods infused with culture, and establish Cuyahoga County as a hub of creative activity and a destination for artists. To learn more, please visit

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