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Staging Cleveland

strengthening, unifying and connecting greater Cleveland's arts and culture sector

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The economy benefits from a strong arts and culture sector as it spurs job growth, generates tax revenue and invites tourism. Moreover, as our region competes for the best and the brightest in the knowledge economy, our arts and culture assets provide a critical edge.  Entrepreneurs, their companies and their staff want to live in places with diverse populations and creative thinkers.  Review updated data and learn how arts and culture is an economic engine for greater Cleveland.

Staging Cleveland

Staging Cleveland takes an in-depth look at the role greater Cleveland's theater industries play in the regional economy. 2017.

Forming Cleveland

Forming Cleveland takes an in-depth look at the role greater Cleveland's visual arts, craft and design industry plays in the regional economy. 2014.

Remix Cleveland

Executive summary and full report of Cleveland's music industry analysis. 2011.

Arts & Culture Organizations

An analysis of the occupations supported by NE Ohio's arts and culture sector. 2004.

Economic Impact of Non-Local Arts & Culture Consumers

An economic impact report on 9 Cuyahoga County-based arts and culture organizations. 2004.

Arts and Cultural Industry Workforce Barometer

Report detailing the results of CPAC's second survey of job loss and growth in the arts and culture sector. 2004.

Cultural Budget and Economic Activity Analyses for Northeast Ohio

A study focusing on the finances of Cuyahoga County's nonprofit cultural sector and the surrounding region. 1999.