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Creative Workforce Fellowship

Update on Creative Workforce Fellowship Program

We are excited to announce that CPAC will continue to fund Cuyahoga County artists through its Creative Workforce Fellowship program! Supported by the residents of Cuyahoga County through a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC), the Fellowship program is designed to invest in Cuyahoga County artists. In doing so, these artists will have greater capacity to develop and contribute their talents for the benefit of community residents and visitors. Artists invest their unique skillsets into our community in many ways, resulting in a wide range of public benefits based on the nature of each individual’s work.

With the opportunity to apply for funding in 2015, CPAC will award 40, $15,000 Fellowships to artists in all disciplines. Applications will be available in May 2015 and Fellowships will be awarded in late 2015, for funding in 2016.  Here are some highlights:

The Fellowship Awards

  • $15,000 awards
  • 3-minute promotional video of the artist and her/his work, with potential inclusion in the compilation video about the overall program
  • PR support for activities during Fellowship year

Applications & Timeline

Applications, guidelines and workshop schedule will be available in May 2015. The deadline for applications will be in September 2015. 

Applications will be available for all disciplines at the same time. Artists who live in Cuyahoga County may apply in one of the following disciplines: 

  • Review Group 1 (20 Fellowships): craft, design, media and visual
  • Review Group A (20 Fellowships): dance, literature, music and theatre

All 40 Fellowships will take place during the 2016 calendar year (no applications will be open during this time).

About the Creative Workforce Fellowship 

program goals

1: Artists develop professionally, which results in advances in research, production and distribution of new and higher-quality work that is skillful, original and increasingly recognized locally, nationally and internationally as exemplary.

2: The community is more knowledgeable about and engaged with artists and their work, leading to more informed, connected, empowered and economically successful county residents with strong identity and community pride.

definitions of public benefits artists provide

  • ACCESS: Residents have new ways to engage with artists and their work. As neighbors, mentors or peers, artists provide a more approachable entry point to art and art-making.
  • CONNECTIONS: Artists improve relationships and contribute to social cohesion. They bridge communities through creative practices. Artists work in education, neighborhoods, health and human services or any number of areas of personal enrichment.
  • CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Artists develop creative solutions, strategies and methods to address community problems.
  • ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: Artists drive employment opportunities, both directly and by purchasing the materials and services needed to create work.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Artists open new pathways for residents to create their own work or to be emboldened and inspired to take action.
  • IDENTITY AND COMMUNITY PRIDE: Residents can see themselves and their communities reflected in artists’ creative explorations.
  • INFORMED COMMUNITY: The community can view issues through an artistic lens, which heightens awareness, provokes thought and deepens understanding.
  • ORIGINAL WORK: New work strengthens Cuyahoga County’s reputation as a hub for artistic innovation. This work enlivens the human experience and serves as fresh content for organizations and venues.

Made possible through the generous support of Cuyahoga County residents through

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

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