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Work by Christi Birchfield, 2016 Creative Workforce Fellow

strengthening, unifying and connecting greater Cleveland's arts and culture sector

About Us


Mission & Plans


Greater Cleveland’s diverse arts and culture sector will be a leading partner in contributing to our community’s vitality and enlivening the human experience.


To strengthen, unify and connect greater Cleveland’s arts and culture sector.

Core Beliefs

Arts and culture is an essential asset in building and sustaining a vibrant, thriving community.

Arts and culture has a unique power to produce developmental, intellectual and emotional benefits for each individual and should be widely available and experienced by all people.

Creative and innovative ideas are central to our community’s growth and development. Greater Cleveland benefits when leaders engage and support creative and innovative individuals and organizations.

Moving Forward             

Always adapting to the environment, CPAC has very clear plans on how it can address the needs of artists, nonprofits and other members of the community. Throughout all of its offerings, CPAC strives to do the following for the sector:

Advocate to influence priorities, policies and funding: Position arts and culture as a driving force in building a vibrant community, particularly where priorities, policies and funding decisions are determined.

Inform to make sound decisions: Generate and disseminate objective research and advice that presents solutions for evolving arts and culture issues and opportunities, guides best practices, and demonstrates the relevant contribution arts and culture makes to the economy, community growth, education and quality of life.

Initiate to capitalize on opportunities: Explore and pilot new approaches to expand the impact and strength of arts and culture organizations and individual artists.

Connect to expand collective impact: Create opportunities for arts and culture to work together, and as a sector, to align with the broader community around shared interests, issues and objectives.

Strategic Plan 2013 - 2016

Goal 1

Develop diverse resources to strengthen the arts and culture sector's capacity to deliver effective programs, services and experiences.

  1. Maintain, grow and diversify arts and culture sector financial resources and capabilities
  2. Strengthen and nurture the arts and culture workforce
  3. Increase awareness, accessibility and availability of infrastructure to support the sector's activities

Goal 2

Generate and support public policies that sustain and advance the arts and culture sector as a partner in greater Cleveland's progress.

  1. Build and implement a public policy agenda with the arts and culture sector
  2. Develop and maintain relationships with elected and appointed officials
  3. Build relationships with various advocacy organizations in the region
  4. Train and support the arts and culture sector to participate more effectively with in the civic realm

Goal 3

Deepen understanding and inform public opinion about the state and impact of arts and culture.

  1. Gather information that communicates and explains the current state and trajectory of the arts and culture sector
  2. Conduct regular and ongoing research that examines and establishes the value and impact of the arts and culture sector
  3. Create a communications agenda and program concerning the many benefits of greater Cleveland arts and culture sector

Goal 4

Establish and enhance arts and culture sector connections, within and outside of the sector.

  1. Build stronger relationships between and among members of the arts and culture sector
  2. Build relationships between members of the arts and culture sector and other sectors

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