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Work by Christi Birchfield, 2016 Creative Workforce Fellow

strengthening, unifying and connecting greater Cleveland's arts and culture sector

About Us


Community Partnership for Arts and Culture

The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) is non profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio. We serve and support arts and culture professionals, community leaders and visionaries, who are shaping greater Cleveland. CPAC’s research and advocacy helps people make informed and inclusive decisions. Its training, online programming and customized advice supports new ideas, skills and connections. CPAC works to strengthen, unify and connect greater Cleveland’s arts and culture sector. CPAC envisions greater Cleveland’s diverse arts and culture sector as a leading partner in contributing to our community’s vitality and enlivening the human experience. 

Creative Compass: Helping artists navigate opportunity in greater Cleveland

Creative Compass

In 2007, CPAC launched an initiative to increase artists’ access to home and business space ownership. It began with the understanding that artists could improve their chances at economic success by building equity. Recognizing that there are a number of critical factors contributing to artists’ success, and a need for many similar connections to be made, we developed Creative Compass. This website is a tool for artists to share information, find artist opportunities and build connections with each other and with the broader community.